Monday, December 8, 2008

Where To Start?

Where to begin?

We have been so busy working on the new house and with ministry that I haven't had time to post! Well, here it goes.

Youth @ HHC is going great.
- We are practicing our STOMP routine for the Sunday morning Christmas service the 21st. It is going great and we have like 22+ people in it. They are having a great time with it.

- We had our Concert and event a few weeks ago with like 150 students here in our youth facility rocking out! We hooked up with some other great churches and had an awesome time. Many students responded to salvation and rededicated theirs lives to Christ.

- Zion was in her fist live drama last Saturday night at the Salvation Army for the Legend of the Candy Cane. Erin, me & Zion all had our own parts in the play. It went great and she did amazing. She remembered her lines and all her cues. She is a natural at acting and she LOVES it.

- I have been leading worship here @ HHC on Sunday mornings lately when Gary hasn't been able to be here and it has gone great! We have an awesome team of people that are great singers and musicians. I love worshiping together and leading our great church into God's presence.

- We have installed our recessed lighing in the house and have been painting like CRAZY. I and my dad & father in law layed ALL the tile in our upstairs bathrooms and laundry room.

- We are getting ready for our big formal Christmas dinner here in a few weeks. New Life Drama Company from Tennessee will be coming in to perform that night. It is going to be a lot of fun dressing up and playing some fun games & eating some great food for Christmas to celebrate Jesus' birthday.

- I got a new MacBook computer that I am setting up. I am pretty excited about that. I guess I sold out to Mac now and became on of "those" people (Jared Day don't say anything).

- Many other things but that's all I can write for now. God bless!!!