Saturday, March 28, 2009

Holy Smokes!

Holy Smokes! I haven't blogged in FOREVER! I will give you a snapshot of life these past few months.

We are rocking and rolling here with ministry! We started REMIX for our 6th -12th grade @ HHC. Is is going great. We kicked off with our band (they are doing AMAZING), team challenge, new series, our awesome cafe each week, & more!!! We have a great team of leaders and things are going ever so smoothly and many new students have started coming as well as students giving their life to Christ in our services.

4Twelve is going great at the Salvation Army in Brown County. The students are growing and fired up. Josh & Emily Smith started a student leadership team that is going great. And we have some great leaders there helping out with Dramas, media, & more!!! God is truly doing a strong work there at my parents church!

We just had our Encounter Weekend 09 this last weekend. We had almost 70 people with both of our groups (HHC & 4Twelve). Pastor Tim Roberson flew in from Las Vegas and spoke throughout the weekend. It was off the hook. Students were encountering God's presence in a real powerful way some for the first time EVER!!! The weekend went above and beyond our expectations (and we were expecting a lot).

We are moved in to our house still unpacked though!!! We literally haven't had any time to unpack our stuff and when we do we are so worn out and just want to rest a bit so... We will get there.

Life is great! Ministry is awesome! And we are pressing into new & great things!

Erin and I have been going through the book THE CREATIVE MARRIAGE by Ed & Lisa Young (our favorites) and it has been very eye opening. It has opend the door for Erin and I to go to another level in our marriage and put words and strategies behind things we have experienced and are experiencing. I suggest it to ANYONE who is married or even thinking about getting married.