Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Allie's 1st Birthday

Well, we had Allie's 1st birthday last Friday! It was a great time with family! I can't believe she is one year old now it has gone by so fast! She is so awesome! I have the BEST family in the world!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


All I have to say is we had a photoshoot with our family the other day!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home School Convention

What an incredible weekend Erin and I just had! First we went to the Indiana Home School Convention Friday & Saturday with about 1,000+ other people. We really wanted to home school our girls for several reasons some of those being:
. Erin is a stay at home mom already
. Being a pastor our schedule is crazy and home school would be a great way for me to be more a part of the girls education than a traditional public school approach.
. Zion is NOT a class room type girl, she is for sure a hands on creative learner which home school offers a little more freedom for field trips, outdoor science projects, less sitting in a chair and learning and more doing basically.
. We want to really base our girls education with a Biblical world view (especially in the science area as well as literature & so forth)

The Home school convention blew us out of the water. I figured it would be all about down with public school and yada yada yada! But man was I wrong. It was so informative and so cool to see the amazing curriculum out there that is Godly based yet incredibally acedemic. For example there was one that incorporated a lot of ideas together like:
- Learn recognizing the Letter S
- Phonics with the sss sound
- Writing the letter S s with a creative method
- Learning the word SUN
- Talking about the science of the Sun how it gives light - also with fun flashlight games
- Then Bible talking about how Jesus is the light of the world
- Then doing math with how long the sun is out and counting the hours & other fun elements
So it incorporated ALL these concepts into a really cool cirriculum. That was one of probably like a thousand that were there (a little overwhelming). But Erin and I were just so excited and learning so much about child development and creative technics of teaching your children and creative ways to instill concepts into them.

The speakers there were AMAZING! Again I figured it would be about teaching kids, how to set up a classroom or something like that. NO WAY the key note speakers were professional world known communicaters. The first key note speaker was Ken Ham the creator and owner of the largest Creation Museum located in Ohio. He has been on the O'Reilly Factor, CNN, Good Morning America, & many more national venues. His ministry is called Anwers in Genesis is mind blowing! He is a genius on creation vs. evolution and the science behind it ALL. He had some phenomonal messages about raising our kids up with an understanding of where we came from and how God is CREATOR of the world. It blew our minds with the things Ken was speaking about and his ability to communicate these concepts. We learned so much! I wish I had time to talk to each one of you about this event but I would type all day if I put everything down we learned just go to ANSWERSINGENESIS.ORG for the BEST resources I have EVER come across concerning ANYTHING on creation and history of the world.

Well, I could go on and on about all this but man was it great for us to go to a whole nutha level in our understanding of Genesis, Creation, Evolution, & More! Boy did it wear us out all weekend learning and studying stuff. We were up crazy early and home late but it was all worth it!

Also, today is our 6th year annivesary for Erin and I! It has been the BEST 6 years of my life hands down. Erin is the best wife a man couldn't even dream of! She is so supportive of me and everything I do, she literally is SOOOO encouraging to me even when I don't deserve it! She is the best friend I have ever and could ever have. We have a blast together in life just enjoying it. We have so many fun inside jokes & experiences that only we can share together and it's great! She is the best mommy EVERY! I have never seen a woman so in love and dedicated to caring for their kids like Erin! She would sacrifice ANYTHING for them. She is the most selfless person I know! She holds my life together, without her I wouldn't be anything I am. She is literally the glue of my life outside of Christ. I LOVE her so much and couldn't have hand-made, selected or fashioned a better partner than her! So here is to 60,000 more years with the love of my life!