Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Pics

Here are some pics we took the other day...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Allie had her 2 year old birthday party last Saturday. She is so awesome. We have the best girls in the world!!! Here are some pics from her birthday.

This is a busy week. We have Master's Commission coming in Wednesday night for a special service for REMIX. Then Sunday night we kick off our new time and new day for REMIX. Sunday's are going to work out great since we won't be competing with school. So many kids are not able to be there every week because of homework, sporting events and another school night, so Sunday nights we won't compete with any of that. A lot of students have been so excited that school won't be an issue now on Sundays. Also, many of our leaders have a hard time getting there by 7pm on a work day, so this will enable us to make it easier for leaders as well as being able to gain new ones that otherwise wouldn't be able to get involved. Another reason is that we can go longer now, 6pm - 8pm as opposed to 7pm - 8:30pm. Only having an hour and a half means we have to thump it to get through everything, but now we can extend worship and ministry a bit more and dig a little deeper. Some kids don't get home late on a school night now because service ends at 8:30pm and by the time they get home it's after 9pm. With moving it up a bit we can get them home and ready for school a little earlier. Also, now we can do more before REMIX like something called Pre-Mix. We can have some short burst of small groups, a cookout, basketball games, classes, or whatever we want just a little bit before REMIX and knock it out in one day. This works so much better than trying to do things on different days. Say we want to have a 3 week breakout on understanding and reading your Bible, now we can offer that at PREMIX and get a much better response than if we had to offer it on a whole 'nutha day. There are just a few reasons why Sunday is going to be the best night for us in the long run to connect.

This weekend we kick off our new series, "Go Fish" on Sunday mornings. It is going to be an awesome series for the next 6 weeks, I am really excited about it. Whenever we do a new series there is a lot that goes into the graphics, power point, videos, dramas, decor and more. So the week before a new series is always action packed with getting ready, and this week is no exception.

Well, I need to get at it so that is the story for today.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Happy Birthday little Allie!!! Today is Allie's 2nd birthday. She is awesome!!! It is so amazing to see your little kids grow up and learn more and more everyday. We pray that Zion & Allie become everything that God has for them. Parenting is about raising up these blessings from God to fulfill God's plan for their life and that is what we are learning how to do daily. It isn't always easy but it is part of the call God has on us as parents. Our 1st ministry is to our girls. We are believing the best for them as well as trying to instill God's love for them. We have been doing a music Monday night for the past few weeks. Every Monday night I get the guitar out, Erin gets some sort of instrument, Zion gets one and Allie. We pick a scripture talk about it then sing a worship song together. Sometimes it's upbeat and fun sometimes it's slow and worshipful, but we want to teach them about expressing our love to God. It is a great way for them to get active with an instrument or just dancing for God. We really want to do more with the girls as far as having family Bible times, prayer, etc... but it is so hard when you get going in life. But I guess you can't wait for time you have to MAKE time for those important things in life. If we wait around they will probably be graduated by the time we get to it, so we are trying to be proactive and intentional about creating and committing to time.

Encounter Weekend was awesome, so here is a highlight video of a powerful weekend!!!