Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Caramel Apple Fest 09

Tonight we are ending our series, THE APPLE with a HUGE Caramel Apple Fest. That's right we are going to dip apples in hot caramel and let the students walk down a line of candy & toppings and just dip away viking style!!! It's going to be insane tonight. This has been a great series talking about temptation and how the enemy throws fake apples at us to bite into. We talked about how to know the right apples in life, how to overcome the fake apples that will destroy us, and all kinds of great things. This has been one of our best series that really built on each other week to week.

Things are going great and we are keeping busy as always. Our Community Service Day was great. We had 200+ people helping out downtown cleaning streets, cleaning up neighborhoods & more! One guy stopped us and asked who we were and why we were doing what we were doing. He couldn't stop talking about how amazing it was we were here in the community on a Sunday morning just serving. He pulled away in his truck then turned around and gave us a donation (even though we tried to refuse). How cool is that? It made an impact far beyond just our blessing of being able to serve. It blessed others too!!! There were many other stories too. It was truly an act of the church last Sunday!!!

We are in a series right now on Sunday morning talking about, "THE OTHERS". This series is all about reaching out, not sheltering ourselves, interacting with the un-churched, and being the loving, compassionate people God has called us to be. Too many times we have a us against the world mentality rather than a us for them mentality. We are called to be for, encourage, reach, love, pray, and interact with those who don't know Christ no matter WHAT!!! This series is tackling those issues head on!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Community Service Day

Well, I'm sitting here in bed getting ready for our HUGE community service day tomorrow. We are going to meet for our regular Sunday morning service do a few songs then head out into our community here in Martinsville and be the hands and feet of Jesus. That's right we are cutting our service and getting OUT THERE!!! As our pastor says, "Let's not just do church let's be the church." We are going downtown and cleaning up the streets, ally ways, weed eating, pulling weeds, mowing, & more! What a great way to do something practical for the community. So many times the church prays for the community and talks about reaching out but... nothing more goes on other than that. This service day is a way not to just talk about reaching out but actually doing something that is REAL. Sometimes we over spiritualize things when God is simply looking for those who will GO and serve. Jesus was more about serving & loving than He was about talking & debating.

On a side note I have been introduced to Mind Mapping which is this AMAZING way of organizing your thoughts, plans, strategy, & more. I have heard of mind mapping years ago but never really paid much attention. Then I came across some software that let's you create mind maps and I am learning a WHULE NUTHA way of processing and taking things to a new level. I LOVE learning ways to be better and more efficient. This is going to take my BRAIN to some serious good places. I will let you know more as I study this thing and dig into it. So far I HIGHLY RECOMMEND looking into Mind Mapping. Erin and I have been mind mapping how mind mapping works (kinda crazy).