Thursday, July 17, 2008


Yesterday we had my Grandma Barrett's funeral. She passed away last Saturday night. The service was great my dad directed it. It was great to see all the family again. Some of them I haven't seen for 20+ years. After the service we went to Golden Corral and had lunch. My grandma was a great lady that loved the Lord. I remember going to her house and playing as a little kid. I also remember living with her for a summer in high school while I worked at a carpet warehouse. I had super long hair and one day decided to cut it all off and bleach it. I never told her so when I got home and knocked on the door she would not let me in. She said she didn't know who I was even though I was trying to tell her. Finally I convinced her it was me and she let me in. She is now with the Lord in heaven having the time of her life in God's amazing presence.

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Lot Going On

WOW! What a busy last few weeks.

1st of all we took 39 students to King's Island Thursday and it was AWESOME! We rode rides, ate good food, and the Newsboys were there, Hawk Nelson, & others! We had a great time hanging out and getting to know the students. There is nothing like bonding together flying down a huge hill with your stomachs in your throats!!!

Also, we have been doing Wednesday night services and they are going great and growing. We have been talking about how we view God and making sure we have the right view. This week we will be talking about how we view youth group. So many times we see it as a social club or something like that. But in reality it is the life source for teenagers to get connected and be used by God to change the world!!! I love the LOCAL CHURCH!!!

I also had the opportunity to speak last weekend at the Sunday morning service. It was an honor that Pastor Chris allowed me to share the pulpit and speak about this generation. The students all got together and did an awesome drama that involved like 15+ kids on the stage. They LOVED it! They all were super excited and felt so connected. It takes things like this to plug them into the adult service and life of the whole church!!! It was a great morning!

I also got my new iphone! Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, it makes life so much easier with being able to get my email whenever, wherever. Also it makes connecting with students, leaders, & just people in general so much faster and more efficient. Not to mention it also is a great tool for GPS, searching internet (easily) keeping my calender in sync (which is huge) and so many other things it can do. I think it cooks dinner as well but I am not sure I have that application yet, jk.

Anyway, I could write all day but I won't. I will try to blog more often now!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Logo

I have got the new logo for HHC Student Ministries, it's pretty cool (Daryn Crawford inspired me). Anyway, tonight we are having youth for the first time with our students. This weekend I have the opportunity to speak at our Sunday morning service and I am super excited. We are going to get the students involved and do a big drama thing. Tonight we will work on it and get the kids involved. It will go along with my message and all that so it should be awesome! Then tonight we are having a game night just hanging with the students getting to know them! We are excited for the journey ahead of us and all that God is going to do! I also start working with the worship team tonight and will start to train them up. Dave Hubbard has been doing a great job working with them and now I will start to come on board and go for it! It is great to have a group of students to work with and raise up!!!