Monday, August 10, 2009

Here Goes!!!

Not even sure where to start but here goes...

So many things have happened in the last several months. We had our summer camp INGAGE for the first time. This camp is something that we started this year and God brought the people in. We had 7 churches involved from all around the different states. About 155 people total for the kick off year. It was a great start to something great in the years to come!

We also had Zion's 5th birthday, a great vacation in Florida, a youth trip to St. Louis City Museum, the county fair, the state fair, & much, much more!!!

Things are going great at the church. We are in a great season of moving forward. Each Sunday gets even that much more momentum. Last night we met with our adult leadership team for the student ministry and we talked about the whole semester. We have some great things planned with the different series, events, and creative ideas to take us to a new level. As we talked about the last year we celebrated a big growth year. We have had over 20+ salvations in our Wednesday night services, we have had literally a 300% growth rate over the last year in our numbers. Worship has gone to a new level, and we are hearing great feeback from parents & students about what God is doing in them. We had over 20 events/steps forward this last year which has been great.