Friday, April 9, 2010


Happy Birthday little Allie!!! Today is Allie's 2nd birthday. She is awesome!!! It is so amazing to see your little kids grow up and learn more and more everyday. We pray that Zion & Allie become everything that God has for them. Parenting is about raising up these blessings from God to fulfill God's plan for their life and that is what we are learning how to do daily. It isn't always easy but it is part of the call God has on us as parents. Our 1st ministry is to our girls. We are believing the best for them as well as trying to instill God's love for them. We have been doing a music Monday night for the past few weeks. Every Monday night I get the guitar out, Erin gets some sort of instrument, Zion gets one and Allie. We pick a scripture talk about it then sing a worship song together. Sometimes it's upbeat and fun sometimes it's slow and worshipful, but we want to teach them about expressing our love to God. It is a great way for them to get active with an instrument or just dancing for God. We really want to do more with the girls as far as having family Bible times, prayer, etc... but it is so hard when you get going in life. But I guess you can't wait for time you have to MAKE time for those important things in life. If we wait around they will probably be graduated by the time we get to it, so we are trying to be proactive and intentional about creating and committing to time.

Encounter Weekend was awesome, so here is a highlight video of a powerful weekend!!!


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I hope you find my blog helpful from one youth pastor to another!

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Marsha said...

You are wise to start making time while the children are young to worship God as a family. However, it can be done when they are older if for some reason the parents fail when they are younger. My husband and I started a family devotional time and prayer with our kids when they were a preteens and have continued. Now our oldest is 19 years old and the youngest 16. They enjoy this time as do we. It is a great time for discussion, question and answer on the things of God. We will miss this time greatly when they both move out of the house. I wish we had begun when they were young like you are. Keep up the good work!

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Hey Pastor,

I was just scanning through other blogs when I came across yours. Looks great!


I graduated from a Masters program in 1993.

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